Cedar Park

A unique slice of West Philadelphia, Cedar Park is known both for its Bohemian vibe and associated cultural diversity.

Spanning the space between 46th and 52nd streets to the east and west and sealed north and south by Larchwood Street and Kingsessing Avenue, the neighborhood is primarily residential, but the city’s restaurant, arts and music scenes enjoy prominent footholds here.

The neighborhood is named after Cedar Park, the modest green space at 50th and Baltimore filled with grass and flowers and a newly renovated playground, park benches and stone seating areas.

Originally founded in the mid-19th century as a “streetcar suburb” of Center City, this area possesses an originality and energy that helps stand out from nearby neighborhoods.

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Plenty of urban areas fancy themselves DIY, but the difference with Cedar Park is that its residents put concept into action, manifesting in the form of independent businesses, neighborhood initiatives and inclusive activities that foster a true sense of community collaboration. Walking and biking are primary modes of transportation for residents, and the same ease of access applies to visitors to this neighborhood. Those already west of the Schuylkill can easily get here on the Baltimore Avenue trolley line.