University City

Tree-lined streets, public gardens, and open green spaces make University City a verdant, livable community.

  Neighbors shop together for fresh produce at farmer’s markets, dine in cozy restaurants, and listen to open-air concerts and plays, all within blocks of the distinctive wide porches of the leafy residential areas.

This unique and diverse neighborhood in West Philadelphia was named for the six colleges and universities that sit between 50th street and the Schuylkill River, but it is much more than a college town.

University City grows each year, adding occupants, restaurants, world-class institutions, and programming, making it one of the most livable, well-kept, and friendly neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

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This neighborhood also boasts a magnetic individuality fueled by youthful innovation and an unshakable commitment to artistic and cultural exploration.

Visitors who walk U-City’s ample, busy sidewalks will uncover a fascinating palette of people and places, offering everything from a vibrant street-food scene and Iron Chef-run establishments to high-end art galleries and intimate late-night hangs.