MPN realty is thrilled to sponsor this year’s 7th annual Old City Fest, organized by Old City District. Old City District “OCD” is a governmental body that supplements municipal services and supports economic development. OCD handles retail attraction, events, branding, and is funded by commercial property assessments in the area. The organization helps facilitate the sharing of information between itself, existing business owners, business owners new to Old City, and brokers looking to do business in the neighborhood. Reports produced by OCD measure population growth, pedestrian count, and other key demographics which give brokers a clear vision of what businesses are needed and will do well long term.

Old City Fest

A stilt walker at Old City Fest 2015. Photo by CJ Dawson Photography

Old City is the total package – art, history, local retail, food, and fashion. We spoke with Executive Director of Old City District, Job Itzkowitz, and asked him about what types of retailers, and businesses Old City is looking for. He explained that “Old City is a good location for independent operators who would be comfortable in old buildings such as artisans or makers.” When we asked what specifically is missing from the map, without hesitation, he said “a salad spot.” Other businesses that would add value to the area include a bike shop, boutique clothing or sneaker store, a cozy wine bar, toy store, and refillery.

Old City Fest takes place on Sunday, October 9th from 11:00am to 6:00pm along 3rd and Arch Streets. The festival celebrates Old City and showcases local restaurants, retailers, artisans, galleries, and theatres, with 100+ vendors. This event is a great opportunity to meet neighbors, get to know the community, and have some fun. There will be activities for families as well as the 21+ crowd. Stop by the Old City District and MPN Realty booths to learn more about Old City and available commercial spaces!